Actor / Musician / USA

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Hi, my name is Gabriel Aronson. You can call me Gabe. I reside in my hometown of Los Angeles, CA where I was born on a rainy Halloween night in 1992. My mother was a dancer, a singer and a pianist. Who knew that just one month shy of 23 years on Earth, I would be hired to do exactly those things. My story really begins in July of 2016. By night, I was fronting a rock band playing local dives and swatting away attempts to join Scientology. By day, I was making cold-calls for a freight and logistics company. I didn't graduate college because they didn't have any degrees in being a badass rocker, so I figured time, money and my education were better spent on decent rhythm sections, headshots, and acting class. An agent I acquired reached out to me on a summer afternoon to tell me "You have an audition for an 'Elvis' show!" My first thought was to disregard a show about a guy from a zillion years ago, but the air conditioning was broken at my office-job, so I figured I'd swing by. Upon arrival, I saw men and women all 50'd out with their pompadours and polka dot dresses. I was being seen for the role of the king himself. I entered the audition room ready to read. I had been practicing my curled lip out in the hallway. I entered a large auditorium with 10 people sitting behind a wide table. One of the figures in the distance stood up to read with me. It was a pretty good read, so I figured they'd call me if they wanted me. But the panel asked where my guitar was, and my face melted.  Luckily, I had an electric guitar in my car and they had an amp, but at that time, I wasn't that good. I barely knew Elvis' music, so I mumbled my way through 'Hound Dog'. No one was impressed, as my guitar also unplugged from the amp and caused an explosive blaring noise that rattled my bones and curdled my embarrassment. The director said " there anything else?" I pulled it together to ask if I could be useful on the piano that was in the room. They asked if I knew Jerry Lee Lewis. I kept the part about his cousin to myself, and shook my head 'no.' They said if I could play some 'Boogie Woogie', then I could be of use. The only thing I knew in the style was a version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" played with a Boogie left hand. Low and behold, the gates of Valhalla opened and the zero became the hero. "I'm moving to Vegas, Mom!" Since then, I've been in Million Dollar Quartet in ten different productions portraying Jerry Lee Lewis. It has also opened doors in the live-performing space, other theater productions, and the chance to play with some of the best musicians on Earth. All of my life, I have loved musicals, movies, actors, acting, music and songwriting. I'm the luckiest man in the world. Aside from my career as an actor/performer/musician, you'll find me in the gym, watching the stock market, with my girlfriend and our 7 animal children, writing and producing music, which can all be found on Spotify and Apple Music, and teaching a plethora of students in guitar, piano and drums.